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Thinking about buying Track IR 4 Pro?

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You like the mouse? do you have 3 hands? lol


No, I used the mouse too, but that was with the mini stick on the X52. Track IR is definitely worth it.

DCS Wishlist: 1) FIX THE DAMN RIVERS!!! 2) Spherical or cylindrical panorama view projection. 3) Enhanced input options (action upon button release, etc). 4) Aircraft flight parameter dump upon exit (stick posn, attitude, rates, accel, control volume, control-surface positions, SAS bias, etc). 5) ADS-33 maneuver courses as static objects. 6) Exposed API or exports of trim position and stick force for custom controllers. 7) Select auto multiple audio devices

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LOL! Naw I dont have 3 hands LOL! I dont have a throttle stick yet I just have the Fighter stick so I use the mouse middle scroll button for my thrust and the mouse itself to look around lol!:cry:

Not bad solution but save money mate for TIR4+TrackClipPro & Saitek X-52 (Pro) at least if you want to take this hobby seriously.

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Danger, Danger Will Robinson.


Beware, once you use it and get used to it, you will never be able to fly a simulator again without it :thumbup:


Buy it now, click that check-out button ! :pilotfly:

Intel i9-9900KF @5.2GHz

MSI Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon

32GB G.Skill Trident Z DDR3200 RAM

MSI RTX 2080 Ti Gaming X Trio

40" Panasonic TH-40DX600U @ 4K

Pimax Vision 8K Plus / Oculus Rift CV1 / HTC Vive

Gametrix JetSeat with SimShaker

Windows 10 64 Bit Home Edition



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Track-IR and touch buddy wouldnt be without them



coolermaster HAF full tower

Intell i7 960 bloomfield 4.0Ghz

Evga X58 Classified 3 mobo

Corsair H-60 Hydro Cooler

Corsair Dominator GT 12g DDR3 1866 ram

Corsair Pro Series AX1200w ps

OCZ Vertex3 SSD 240g

Evga GTX590 Vid Card

Creative X-FI Titanium soundcard

TM Warthog Hotas


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