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nitka complex at saki airport - crimea


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dear all ,


i have asked this already a long time ago but it seemed at that time it was not possible to do , but nowadays i see so many mods that i was wandering if following was possible :


to recreate nitka komplex at saki airbase ?

this is/was the training komplex for the su-33

a duplicate of the kuznetsov aircraftcarrier ramp (front deck)

was placed on the runway to exercise jumps


mayby using the graphs (upper deck) of the kuznetsov??


please note that i have no idea about making mods , this is just a general question ??


i had this idea since lock on came out , to train my su33 pilots before they go on to do the serious work on the carrier :)!!


any comments are welcome !!


someone who wants to make this mod for the community ??


thanks !! maks

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