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Mission 3 - Compass alignment

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It seems that in Mission 3 the compass alignment is completely screwed. Mission starts with heading 219° while INS shows 60°. Degradation is off in options. Do I miss here something?


Edit: Every start a get a different heading. 60°, 80°, 120°,...


Edit2: And the mission crashes few minutes after takeoff...


I don't have this issues with other missions or campaigns in the M2000

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Hi, I´m having the same issue. The compass shows bearing 330, but i´m actually heading the other way around. Tacview show my heading was 140. I have the "no INS alignment option" set, could that be the problem?

I´m attaching an screenshot and the tacview file.

Tacview-20190909-232228-DCS-M2000 NTTR M03.zip.rar


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Replayed the mission yesterday and the bearing bug is still present. Could this be an issue with the mission file itself? I do not get this in any other mission or campaign.

Also it is impossible to fly into the direction of a selected waypoint. HSI will give a direction. But if you fly into the displayed direction you are not flying to the selected waypoint.

On the HUD I am even not able fly into the direction of the selected waypoint. Waypoint will always be displayed left or right on the HUD. You can turn where you want. You will not get the waypoint indicator into the center of the HUD.

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Please provide a track file.

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Hey there,


I have the same issue.


Done INS alinment properly and its the same thing.

Did you manage to get a fix for this?

looks like quite a few people is having this issue for a long time.


I have not tested the next missions as I cound not pass the 3rd mission with this issue.



M2000c Pilot



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Same issue for me.


HUD Heading tape/indicator is incorrect.

I have special option 'INS does not require alignment' on.


This occurs only for Mission 3 of Red Flag campaign to my knowledge.

I tested some Instant Action and loaded Mission 1,2 and 4 into the Editor. Those all started correctly.


I loaded Mission 3 into the Editor and changed the date from 23 Jul 2012 to April 2012 and Oct 2020.

Each date change caused the heading to start at different position.

It seems the INS setting is not honored for this mission.

Yet selecting the player craft shows 'Enforce INS Align & Drift' is Off.


Work around: Performing the INS alignment procedure, (even without editing the Lat, Lon digits which are not accurate), causes the heading to align to correct value after first phase.

EDIT: Work around inadequate, see next post.


Running Beta build

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OK, it seems that this is the only mission that has "enforce INS alignment and drift" enabled. I have never noticed the problem, because I always perform the full INS alignment at mission start... could that be the problem? I also never used the autostart function. In other words, if you launched the aircraft manually, inserted correct position into the INS and ran full alignment it should work as intended. Or am I missing something?

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