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New US keyboard layout card available


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I recently got around to buying the FC upgrade and found my self wanting a good quality keyboard layout based on a US keyboard, which I haven't been able to find. So, I decided to create one, based on Tomas Friberg's excellent FC layout including the extra info on RWR symbols.


I have uploaded it to LockOnFiles if you're interested:








rev.1 released:


- Renamed zip container to clarify this layout is for Flaming Cliffs

- Renamed pdf to match zip container name

- Versioned release

- Fixed "Rejoin form" key (s/b Alt+[, not Alt+])

- Renamed "Tight form tgl" key (Shft+]) "Toggle form"


Should be appearing on LockOnFiles soon, but if you don't want to wait, you can grab it here:



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Some - you can see several different layouts here:




And a brief comparison of the UK vs. US layout here:




The enter/return key is different, there are 2 functioning Alt keys on the US (vs. 1 Alt and 1 AltGr key on the UK), the UK \ key is in a different spot, etc.


There was enough of a difference for me to want to make a new one and, judging by the download count on LockOnFiles (76 in the first 24 hours), others agree.


I am not the first to make a US version though: -Tbird- did one for 1.1FC (which actually has more information on it than Tomas'/mine), although he used an edited raster image to create his so it is not as clear and readable.


To create mine, I used Tomas' PDF (which is based on an previous, uncredited PDF layout on a Swedish keyboard) and edited it using Adobe Illustrator, which preserved the visual quality.


BTW, I can easily edit it, if anyone sees any errors or has suggestions for improving.


Blue side up!

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