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StreamDeck plugin for DCS

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Ok, just for the sake of clarity: this applies to a dcs control plugin for streamdeck, which indeed requires dcs-bios, on the listening side. if not using dcs-bios, go install it.


Controls have two values, but for most of your buttons, this simply means (as an example):


value on: 1

value off: 0


that's it.


A INC/DEC example, let's say CHANNEL 1 SELECT:



value on: INC

value off: -

(- means nothing)



Value On: +3200

Value off: INC


and so on. Check DCS-BIOS for a complete list of commands. (Examples are for F/A-18C)

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New StreamDeck Plugin


Hi, since users interested in StreamDeck may already be subscribed to this thread, I wanted to share a new bi-directional StreamDeck plugin I created for DCS.


I started a new thread with details here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=269642


It is currently built to communicate with SDA's DCS-ExportScript (the backend for Ikarus).


Hey! everyone.

As a user of streamdeck i am very interested in the actual state of this project.

There are any news? what is the newest version of the pluging and what we can do with it?


Capt Zeen, I was also just testing it with your Helios export scripts yesterday, and with some minor modifications to how I initialize the UDP connections it should be simple to enable compatibility with those as well. (The export scripts would still have to add a second port to be used at the same time as Helios).

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The whole thing works because DCS-BIOS is quite awesome. Let me add again that bidirectional input is way more complex to achieve. Hope Ranma13 finds time to work on his project.


For toggle buttons, you can just use TOGGLE. You will need documentation on DCS-BIOS and your module commands, and check whether a given command supports Rotary (INC, DEC), TOGGLE or a single value.


Rotary controls will take two buttons, but all others just one.


Mad Jack, thanks for this simple and small plugin. But I need your help. "1" and "0" works pretty well, but TOGGLE did not work for me. What do I have to do? I put "TOGGLE" as a value in your field "Value On", right?


For example I tried with Master Arm switch. DCS-Bios Webinterface (Browser) tells me that my module and the command "MASTER_ARM" is supporting toggle command. When pressing the toggle button in DCS-Bios Website, the switch is set in DCS game.


What do I have to do in order to get TOGGLE working with your plugin? Could you please post an example for TOGGLE? Thanks!!


EDIT: I did not change anything, but now it works with TOGGLE. Value On: TOGGLE ; Value Off=0

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Wow, I didn't know someone else was working on a Stream Deck plugin for DCS BIOS. I'm the person who mentioned that the Stream Deck SDK isn't that great. I'm also developing my own version here:



"A production version can be created by using the Distribution Tool provided by Elgato."


Can anybody help how to get a production version out of Ranma13 files at GitHub by using the DistributionTool? Thanks :worthy:

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I also found streamdeck SDK a bit ...awkward, so I did 2-way communication with MATRIC ( Google play) instead.


I wrote a blog post about how I did it if anyone is interested in expanding it further (like using DCS BIOS instead of roll-your-own-lua). MATRIC API is rather simple - json over UDP socket - took me about one hour for this proof of concept, including writing lua script :)



Just found this. I use matric for every module. I'll be giving this a shot!

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Just wondering the status of your stream deck plugin.


Was the development of this continued? Is it in a working state.


I like the above video, but I find touch screens difficult compared to the tactile feedback of the stream deck.


I'm also wondering if your stream deck plugin would work better than my current setup which works for the most part (no 2 way obviously), stream deck just acting as a keyboard but for some reason, some key combinations don't work. Mostly I find PAUSE (as in pause/break key) never works on stream deck (for pausing game or for fps counter for instance)


I also can't interact directly with dcs for things like request taxi or request start unless the module has a key binding for that.


Anyways, nice work, just wondering if you have any updates on the stream deck side of things.

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I don't think that Pause works for anyone. Solution is to re-bind Pause to another key (or combo) on your keyboard). And certain key-combo's give the same problem.

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