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New rig initial report

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OK So far- it's been a bit bumpy thanks mostly to a real lack of effort to get hardware drivers cranked out for Vista, but all in all I'm doing quite well here with this new setup.


As posted in the tech session- phono jack mics have real issues in Vista- no luck getting mine to work. I'll be getting a USB headset here quickly.


CH gear initially went terribly- When I went to load my existing map- there was no frickin MAPS folder !?! :huh: But as usual- the CH Hangar came through. Bob Church answered my problem in typical evil genious engineer style- and I still have NO IDEA what he was talking about- except that the MAPS folder is now in a separate area. (not in regular "CH products" folder) Once I saw the "apps data" folder in windows explorer- I was good to go. :doh:


Track IR 2pro- yes 2 - nothing to it. Works fine.


Hyperlobby was giving me some odd errors- in fact- a few older apps do. But only upon shutdown- and not all the time. It's as though they crashed upon exit or something. You have to do the "run as admin" shuffle and click around a couple of false alarm error messages during install. In my case- I was clicking my way through the installation not knowing that there was an admin dialog box open behind the window preventing me from proceeding. It had a taken a couple of seconds for the proper permission choices to come up. It didn't seem to ike the path a few times- don't use quotes in the path- but there was something else- eventually it took and I'm set.


Lock ON itself looks terrific. I have not spent more than few minutes online because I'm still trying to adjust my stick and other things but it was smooth as silk. Everything is on high, heat blur off, mirrors med, with frames in the 30's low and the 60's high. No flashing textures noted- but I have only been on & around the carrier so far. I have not yet experienced any of this "multicore stuttering" I've read about or any other issue thus far- online or offline.


OK I'm off to replace this flaky cable modem- It's not connecting during some startups- but it is 9 yrs old. Reboot seems to bring it online, but that's getting annoying. Comcast says- "Yep,come get a new one."

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