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F-111 Attack on illegal fishing boat


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The ship could be just aprehended?

Here we do it all the time, frigates come in, ship is stoped and special forces take it over. Was this show of force necessary?


But I doubt the ship was sunk with anyone onboard, note the frigates nearby.


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Did they have to kill all of them? :(


Imagine it ! ...dropping 2*900 kg LGBs :huh::lol:

Atop the midnight tarmac,

a metal beast awaits.

To be flown below the radar,

to bring the enemy his fate.





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I think the story goes it was a fishing boat carrying drugs and they attempted to out run the Australian Navy, the Navy chased them 1/2 way across the Indican Ocean and dragged them back to Australia. The boat was subsequently sunk with no crew on board Erdem. They're locked up in jail.


this is a old video and it was a drug trafficking ship not a fishing boat ;)
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