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CCIP pipper too low to see.


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Hey, folks.


A couple of mission ago I was flying the CAS mission, #2 of Hornet 1989.


I had the default CBU-99's selected, set to CCIP, INST and VT with default HOF.


Unfortunately, no matter how low or fast I flew or how steep gbc dive was, the CCIP impact reticle never raised above my nose and into FOV. This prevented my attack from doing anything.


While dodging SA-6 and -8, carrying eight CBU-99's and a belly tank, this was already a challenging attack run...somehow my systems got borked. So I can avoid this in my next attempt, has anyone else had this issue, and how did it start?


Thanks, duders.


Zilch79's YouTube Channel:

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Depending on your altitude and speed, you might need to have a pretty steep dive angle to see the reticle.

CBUs in the Hornet are best released at around at a dive angle of 30-35 degrees. Are you doing it like that?

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