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Pylons and Weapons


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Hi Alejandro,


Weapons are separate models in Lock-on and they are assigned to an aircraft type via the Meinit.xml file.


Under each aircraft entry, there are several lines for the pylons where the coordinates(x, y and z) are stated - these determine how a weapon will be positioned on an aircraft when assigned to it via the in-game Payload Editor.


Moreover, under each pylon entry all weapon types compatible with it are listed.


- JJ.


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Thanks budy.


Tha A-4 and IA-58 PUCARA are my favorites aircraft.


I´m crating A-4 but is not so easy.

I´m searching for cockpit too, i have front view, but i can´t found nothing about the laterals, so, i wait found something of information in this big world called INTERNET hehehe.


Thanks again man.


When i finished then, i add to "lockonfiles", so everyworldf can us and to improve it.


The screenshot coming soon, please de patienc.



The best wishes from Argentina.

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