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7 hours ago, CheckGear said:


As for "profits over product maintenance," find me a company that doesn't do that. Any business venture that doesn't make money won't survive. That's it. 


Up until the 2010s or so there were plenty of companies that balanced profits and product maintenance. In the '90s and before it was the norm. Now the goal posts have been shifted to profits over all else, with little in the way of balance. I've watched just about every quality product I enjoyed in the late '90s and early '00s circle the toilet and be replaced with inferior products at the same price because of this business shift. And before anyone tries to create a straw man fallacy by cherry-picking something I said (which seems to be the norm on discussion boards), I am not insinuating that DCS is an inferior product, nor am I wishing DCS to stop developing new products. I want them to do a better job of balancing product maintenance and developing new products. Anyone with an IQ over 100 can see the inbalance after how the Viper impeded Hornet development when they assured us it wouldn't, the shoddy state the Viper was in, the abandonment of the Yak-52, F-86, MiG-15, and now the lack of updates to the Supercarrier by prioritizing niche items like the ready room. They told us they would prioritize product maintenance with longer update schedules, but the quality of the updates is still just as low as when the update schedule was faster, with promised bug fixes missing two or more updates, ignoring glaring bugs reported by nearly everyone in the community, and introducing even more new bugs. And before anyone says "bugs are part of the business," yes that is true. And it's also been proven time and again by professional coders among us that ED's code management is subpar thus leading to more bugs than there should be, but so much valid criticism in these forums gets shut down because it's an echo chamber, and any community that allows valid criticism gets labeled "toxic." Echo chambers are by far more toxic, especially when the company won't listen to anyone outside of their echo chamber. As much as I love naval aviation in DCS, the Supercarrier is just another chapter in the same book I just summarized above. 

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Feedback still often goes ignored. The community overwhelmingly wants night ops, optional IFLOLS popup, better AI taxi, and other game-critical features while ED focuses on non-critical features like

I think we all have a lot of "wants" but what I was getting at is it appears ED is working in that direction.  One could also argue, what does a longer wake add to the core functionality of the super

The work we are doing with the ready room is bringing new features to DCS, we feel it will bring a lot of immersion to the carrier and is worth the effort.   but thank you for the feedback. 

Anyone know, why the performance-thread in the Bug-section was closed? There was no reason stated.


I also have some severe stutters problems with the SC, especially in connection with the Tomcat (seems A more than B). Its clearly not a GPU-thing like in Syria (which I actually accept as progress since most new things come with a price-tag).


Concerning the rest of the discussion, I just want to say, I dont need a hangar, ready room or Airboss-Station. I just want some yellow-shirts to guide me around with no stutters.


In EDs defense I just want to remind everybody, how things were one year ago after initial 2.5.6 -release. Things are better now than then, arent they?

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