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Some neat stuff on the Mi-24 Hind

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Here are some notes I collected on modeling the Hind. I am posting them here simply as LoBS may have attracted a few rotarheads and other who may find this interesesting:


While hinds were largely immune to small arms and flown fearlessly they were not entirely invulnerable. Many military doctrines (eg. West German) state that any weapon is to be used against slow, low flying aircraft.


Hinds in Afganistan often carried heavy machine guns and grenades for self defense. They also carried extra rockets so that the crew could partially reload their pods in the field.


Most Russian rocket pods have very high dispersion. This is often overlooked but very important for accurate modeling. It would be nice to see hinds with doorgunners, 10 x 100kg bomb payloads, rocket dispersion, and a few other weapons as the standard for hind modeling.


Updated weapons information:



A discussion on rocket dispersion:



Pictures of the door gunner positions:



Video footage of the gunner positions in use:



More rare footage:



Mi-35/24PN footage:



Some reading:



An excellent set of articles (good weapon info can be found in other parts of this site):



Some drawings:



P.S. the Hind naturally looses some lift due to the stub wings when it is hovering. It peaks in forward flight where the wing anhedral easily pulls the helicopter into turns. There is a risk of the rotor striking the tail during abrupt maneuvers.

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