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Cannot get Units/Coalition Inside Zone trigger to fire (A-4 vs F14 - Nevada)

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I cannot get a trigger to fire, despite my best efforts.


Trigger: "Blue Check In - 111" will not fire at all. I cannot figure why. All units are inside the zone, and the trigger should fire, but it simply does not. A matching trigger for red, works fine.


Can someone please have a look at this mission and see if you can get it to work?


I have tested the mission from the mission editor, then hit F-10, and accelerated time.


You should see Red and Blue orbit their 1st waypoints, then once both sides have arrived in their "form up areas," you should see them switch to waypoint 2, and then engage.


But this is not happening, since Blue never leaves their orbit.


Thank you for having a look.


BTW, the mission is playable. It's A-4 vs. F-14, you may enjoy it!


A-4 vs. F14 Nevada Dogfight.miz

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