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Still no update on the Tshirt. Received mail 20 days ago that it's ready to ship, status hasn't changed since...


Same here.


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Same here....I got email saying my t-shirt order was sent on May 7th... :(

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Either way, I see a venerable Shirtstorm coming up... :D


But kidding aside, I also got the shipping email on 7 May, but no shirt yet. What kind of postal service takes more than 3 weeks for delivery (presumable inside the EU)?


Keeping my fingers crossed for a speedy delivery.

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Were we supposed to get an email that said the shirts shipped?


The email I got on the 7th of May says "Your order is on the way" but when I click on it it just says your order has been confirmed and we're getting it ready. Not sure if this is normal for packages without a tracking number.



Same here....I got email saying my t-shirt order was sent on May 7th... sad.gif



Did your email actually say shipped or did it say "on the way".

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The date of the email is not very important, and it's the same e-mail for everyone.


Basically, the way they're sent is staggered and mixed, hence why they might trickle in randomly across the globe. The delivery time is also painfully random due to our local post office's throughput and the since we do free shipping, we opt for one of the cheapest (and slowest!) shipping classes. Sorry for the "excuse" heavy post - but rest assured - not much longer for everyone to have received theirs :)


Also- today from a hoggit post, I realized I've been somewhat misleading due to being forgetful; the white wolfpack or blue black lions shirts will not be double shipped. We only reprinted all of the grey ones (which is like 95%+ of orders).

So if you only ordered one of the aforementioned, expect to only get one of ea.

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