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Rudders are the tricky part, even the MFG Crosswinds are super twitchy in the Spit without curves. Problem with curves is: A twichy Airplane remains twitchy even with curves. Ones we get to the point where the curve starts to go up a twitchy Airplane kicks even more.
People who use large curvertures like 15 and above or even run different curves on pitch and roll just fly a different Spitfire then.

We all fly a different spit as long as we have different setups AND we don't have a metre long joysticks. And most importantly we don't get the same (if any) control force feedback. This is by definition.

That said, I'm using an extreme custom curve with my MSFF2 BUT I never needed to add any curve or deazone on my MFG pedals. They allow for really tiny corrections which I think correspond quite well to how the pedals move in the virtual cockpit.

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