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SEA EAGLE II - A 'Top Gun' Inspired Campaign, A4 vs. F14

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Missions now posted here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=236698





- A-4 MOD (Freeware)

- Nevada Map

- F-14 (by Heatblur)




-Play with labels OFF, including dots, for most realistic experience. Dots/labels may make the mission too easy for some players.


You may play this mission as either side, all you need to do is set the aircraft you wish to fly to "PLAYER." Make sure if you set an aircraft to player, you set the former "player" to AI controlled.


This mission is also playable as a multiplayer experience, and should be fun for all. Simply use the mission editor set all the aircraft you wish humans to fly to "Client."


It is recommended you play as "Snowman" for RED or "Iceman & Slider" for BLUE, for the most fun.


This is the first mission in a story-driven campaign; part exercise, part scenario.


The briefings are critical.


There are full briefings and triggers for both sides. Please read them.


Please let me know if anything can be changed or improved.


This mission is different from your ordinary "shoot em up" and ideally does not involve combat, just the enforcement of a no-fly zone. But, shooting is quite possible, and there's a few twists in this mission and in missions to come...

Sea Eagle II - M01 - Desertistan Welcomev2.2.miz

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I will be making some more optimizations tonight, and will update the file.


Changes will include some proper end mission triggers and notifications, so players know when the mission is actually over. Right now, there is only one end mission trigger that does not always get fired.


I need to direct aircraft to land once a preliminary trigger is activated.


I will see about finding a radio sound to provide an audible notice to pilots when a message has appeared. A busy pilot might not see the message if they are looking behind them or elsewhere.


Any other suggestions, add here, and I will make a decision about them tonight.


I have another two missions complete that need a little more work, and I will post them as soon as they are polished a bit more.


The campaign will have ten missions in all.

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