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My Shots...


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Wow, simply STUNNING pictures.


Very atmospheric, just the types of shots I like! They are so crisp and clear, what are your computer specs? Something that puts mine to shame, I'm sure. ;)


Keep em' coming!




...Beauty, grace, lethality.

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There are no such rules you can not post 'avarage' pics here.

I think the pics are special for Grandsurf and some others including me.

Aren't these beautiful at least?


Grandsurf, thx for using my moon and trees.:)



and HUD Mod, and... :smilewink:


Thx for your Mods.




QX6800 "Kentsfield" on Asus P5K Deluxe/WiFi-AP with 4GB DDR2 800 and a NV8800GTX + Raptor HDDs.

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Sorry, but the pictures are not reworked only made smaller from 1600

dissolution. The last Pics i made in spring with the ED Season Addons - no editing - honestly!



Thats what I meant; Just the way I likem :thumbup::thumbup:


And great new pics, really awesome qaulity.



Minimum effort, maximum satisfaction.


CDDS Tutorial Version 3. | Main Screen Mods.

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