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DirectX 10 features in BlackShark?!

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Will there be any DirectX 10 feaures in BS?!


What I want to know is, will any Gamer benefit from having BS running on VISTA with Direct X10, other than fps performance?


AFAIK, it does not sem to make sense to upgrade to DriectX 10 if intend to play mainly FC and BS?! Correct?

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Given that no DirectX 10 game has yet been released, the nature of BS as a development of Lomac/FC (both Dx8.1), and how much it would cost for ED and the testers to upgrade to Vista and Dx10 cards . . . . the answer should be fairly obvious ;)



I think it's fairly safe to say without breaking the NDA that Black Shark will NOT be a DirectX 10 game . . . .

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