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AI ground attack and bombing

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Hi guys


I struggle a bit with the editor when it comes to AI tasking


For example at wpt2 for a pair of f14 with bombs I add the special item bombing, quantity all and group attack, setup the area I want to bomb.

Yet they fly to wpt2 and continue to wpt3 without doing the task affected? Same problem for anti-ship mission


Also, how do you setup aircraft on the ground with the red cover, just to populate the airfield or carrier? The one I got is standard aircrafts




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The F14 module is brand new, there's a chance it still hasn't been fully implemented.


Anyway, make sure that the bombs are "compatible" with the bombing task in ME. For instance, you can't bomb runways with guided missiles/bombs, that task is only compatible with unguided bombs and heavy unguided rockets.


Try replacing the F14s with other planes that are known to work with bombing tasks (B1, A10, F15E, etc.), see if the problem persists.



As for the "red cover" planes, I don't think those are available in ME, you might have to use mods.

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