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Some problems with the RIO

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I just made my first flights as RIO and had some problems and questions:


- I set up a mission with 5 waypoints but they are not shown in the TID. No matter which settings I use. Do I have to load waypoints manually before flight? What do I have to do to show the waypoints in TDI and how can I share them with the pilot?


- The Tac Data page in the CAP panel only shows 3 waypoints. How can I select waypoint 4,5,...?


- The radar doesn't seem to spot any plane. We flew directly behind planes in a distance of 10-20nm and switched through all radar modes, elevation and angles - nothing appeared in the DDD and the TID is also empty



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The Tomcat navigation system only supports up to 3 normal waypoints (steerpoints). If you wanted to see more on the TID, you'd have to mark them as one of those special ones (Defended Point, Fix Point, Enemy Area, etc.).


Check TID Symbology under General Descriptions chapter.




Regarding the radar, if the targets are facing away from you and are at a similar speed, they would get filtered out in Pulse-Doppler modes. Try to use Pulse modes instead.


Check here for a demonstration.


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