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greetings from china


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just thought i would drop in and say hello as i vacate in china visiting my friend, so close to russia but unfortunately out of reach this time.


visited tian anmen square, forbidden city etc.


just saw the new screens and showed my friends torwaks trackir demo on youtube, thankyou it was a great example.


also visited the touchbuddy site, if you aren't using that by now i have to say you are missing out, do i need to say more.


people are so dam friendly, but the driving is chaotic.

taxi's have no seatbelts, at home we don't move the car till seatbelts are on.


thats it for now, quite smashed currently, all the best ggg87

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thankyou golfsierra2, we are having a great trip.


superkunfu, how true how true, a perfect way to describe the road rules.

5 cars in 3 lanes is fairly accurate, its a totally different way of thinking here, a battle of wills so to speak , between cars buses motorbikes, pushbikes and people.

walked passed a large puddle of blood near a shop front that led back to the road, it was a substantial quantity so i guess someone had a bad day and lost the battle of wills.


talked to my wife and daughter on skype last night, that was nice, as for eight years we have never been apart for more than a few days.


this is our first time out of australia so you could imagine that its quite a shock for us.


last night we had a bottle night, consuming copious amounts of jack daniels and the we ran out of smokes, so i volunteered to go buy some.


so far i can say hello, how are you, thankyou, and no want :)

was smart enough to take an empty packet of smokes with me and that made it a sure thing, although i did ask and thet seemed to understand, also finding my way back was a bonus, everyone is so dam friendly, its nearly embarrassing to think how foreigners can get treated back home, it as curtainly opened my eyes.


a large storm hit last night and a large window was blown out of the restaurant and smashed only metres from where we sat, quite scarey at the time, i am glad we did not wear it.


we have been playing a game like hacky sack using a ball with feathers, its great fun and everyone happily joins in, including what we would consider senior citizens, yet the old people here are still very active and make us look pathetic :)


all the best, off for another days adventure, i think today we are going to the museum in the forbidden city, i am looking forward to this as i have heard great things about the treasures there, so far we have only seen it from the outside at tian anmen square.


by for now....

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just saw the new screens and showed my friends torwaks trackir demo on youtube, thankyou it was a great example.


It's a pleasure for me... btw have a nice trips! :thumbup:


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