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Must have Mods?


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It's really hard to say, it depends a lot of your taste.


First of all download and install MoDMan, it's a great utility that helps a lot for managing compatible mods. It also creates a backup folder to store original files to. It's a definite must have before you start pimping your LOFC.


In case of having a not so good rig to run LOFC go for some texture optimization mods (terrain, water, clouds FPS tweaks).


Which plane do you like to fly?!! There's no point in downloading A-10 cockpit gauges if you hate it's guts.


1) Teka Teka's mods, I've got all of his work applied in LOFC, check his latest Tree Shader 2.0 (take some screenshots with default trees during dawn and compare it with same pic when you apply TSM2.0.


2) I like Birdy's Scenery files, in latest versions you'll have Merzifon AB in Turkey also included.


3) F-15 skins by D-Schyte and F-16 skins by Mitch Janssen.


Explore LOFiles website and find what you like... It's all good!


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Must have mods. This is what he is asking for, yet no one has informed him about walmis` weapons mod. This has got to be a 'must have' as it increases FPS. OK Must have mods are:


1. Modman (must have) www.169thpanthers.com

2. Walmis Weapons mod. (must have) http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?t=19592&highlight=walmis click his sig for downloads.

3. Walmis F15C mod. (graphic improvement) refer to 2.

4. Then go here and take your pick: http://bvr.jpn.org/lockon/index_e.html

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