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F-14 Post-Release Status Update

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Hi Everyone,


Thank you all for your kind words, support and for enjoying the F-14. We're so excited to finally be able to share. Now it's time to knuckle down and apply ourselves to executing our Early Access release roadmap!

More on that as things settle down somewhat.


First, though- we've been working through customer support requests and also moving quickly to alleviate some initial issues that have cropped up.

We've prepared a hotfix that includes the following:


  • Add keybinds for nose strut kneel & extend

  • Disable Persian Gulf Tour & Dance of the Vampires missions temporarily

  • Potential fix for Page 3 (datalink) kneeboard CTD

  • Basic force feedback support

  • Corrected high-G damage model

  • Jester Menu multimonitor fix (now centred)

  • Implemented extra VDI pitch ladder display modes

  • Added LANTIRN section to PDF manual


We don't know when this patch will launch just yet, but we're working with our partners at ED to get it out the door ASAP.




Nicholas Dackard


Founder & Lead Artist

Heatblur Simulations



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:thumbup:Only one thing to say to you all....




May God continue blessing you!


Asus TUF Z390-Pro Gaming/ Intel i5-9600k@ Coffeelake 9a Gen/ Water Cooler Corsair Hydro H45/ Corsair Vengeance Lpx 32Gb 3200Mhz/ EVGA GeForce RX 2070 Super 8Gb Gddr6 256Bits/ 1 SSd M2 3gen 1Tb Xpg/ Headset Corsair + SoundCloud BlasterX Pro Gaming AE-5 / Corsair HX1000i W Plus Platinum/ Case Corsair Gamer Series Obsidiam 500D/ LG 32" 4k Monitor Dp/ Track Ir5 w/Clip Pro/ Saitek Hino X56

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Potential fix for Page 3 (datalink) kneeboard CTD


Thanks a lot ... loving the plane so far, but I really do miss the Kneeboard, as I'm a fan of following procedures .. for now using a Tablet, but on VR I'm dead on the water :)



For work: iMac mid-2010 of 27" - Core i7 870 - 6 GB DDR3 1333 MHz - ATI HD5670 - SSD 256 GB - HDD 2 TB - macOS High Sierra

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Mobile: iPad Pro 12.9" of 256 GB

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Thanks Cobra

Please consider doing a locked thread for the F-14 update similar to the Hornet Mini-Updates thread that Wags has and uses to communicate updates.

It makes it real easy for many of us to then subscribe to the thread and see your updates without digging through a thread of additional comments.


Im very excited to follow this module through EA and beyond


i5 8600K OC @ 5.0GHz w/ Corsair H100i Liquid Cooler| MSI GTX 1080 OC Edition | 32GB DDR4 3600 | EVO 960 NVMe SSD | WD Black NVMe SSD

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Thanks for the update Cobra. :thumbup:


Your "baby" is absolutely awesome. Loving it, it's an absolute blast in MP when flying a two crew. What an experience. :D

System :-

i7-7820X, ASUS ROG Strix X229, 32GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3600MHz, 11GB Nvidia Geforce 1080Ti, 1x 500GB Samsung 850 EVO, 1x 1TB Samsung 850 EVO, 1x 500GB Samsung 960 EVO M.2, Windows 10. VPC WarBRD Base with HOTAS Warthog Stick and Throttle, Saitek combat rudder pedals, Oculus Rift S.



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Thanks but not being able to use Jester is limiting.

[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC]WIN 10, i7 10700, 32GB DDR4, RTX 2080 Super, Crucial 1TB SSD, Samsung EVO 850 500GB SSD, TM Warthog with 10cm extension, TIR5, MFG Crosswind Pedals, Wheelstand Pro, LG 40" 4K TV, Razer Black Widow Ultimate KB[/size]

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Cobra ma man ...


Loving the F-14, tho I have few "requests" a Quality of life improvements ...


Maybe you see them or not eh ...


1. Add keyboard input binds for "Throttle Left Engine Up/Down (Smooth) like F-18 has (for those of us without Dual throttles)

2. Jester menu:

- Ability to go 1 step back inside the menu

- Ability to close the jester menu with another keybind (I've messed up so many times trying to close the menu and having to press middle twice so I activated something else.

- Ability to stay inside Jester menu and configure things without it instantly leaving the menu, once I'm done I press button to close the menu (would be great when you have to set weapons and stuff) (Also would be usable with the previously mentioned go back a menu step)

3. Maybe feature to hide the stick like F-18 has? (But not really sure how involved this process is just a thing that would make it easier for us in the sim)


Anyhow as a Customer would love to see that quality of life changes get implemented and more binds for the stuff in the cockpit.




Edited by Rlaxoxo




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Would be nice to have the ability to bind quick jester commands without having to go into the menu. Like the STT lock enemy ahead. Even though its a great system, it obscures vision and takes precious seconds when getting close to a target.

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I was wondering why my wings were falling off in the middle of a dogfight for no reason and at only moderate G's!



The high-g damage modeling is making sure more stuff breaks at very high-g. Right now, you can pull some crazy instantaneous g for a short time and survive when you shouldn't, but sustained 12+ g will definitely still break your wings off.

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do you have an idea when the other missing keybindings will be available? Lots of knobs in the RIO seat are missing (e.g. CAP category), on top of the single pylons and many others. We can bind the "stops" of the knobs, but nothing such as a "next/prev" therefore the number of required buttons skyrockets.

I'm planning to build some additional Arduino ATmega32u4 controllers for the RIO seat but in order to make them work I need those bindings (I can code a workaround but that's not the point and kinda kills the idea of using HID in the first place).



It's not a priority of course (first thing should be you guys fixing the biggest issues so far then take a good, well deserved, holiday :) ) but I'd appreciate having a general time schedule.





132nd Virtual Wing - 108th vSq (F-14B) and 696th vSq (Ka-50)

VCB: ArmA3 British Army Light Infantry platoon


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