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Su-25T - HUD Glass Mod

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I have done a little Mod here trying to improve/remove the awful ultra opaque Hud glass reflection in the Su-25T.




Followed the steps of Devrim and 59th_Wittman about how they have been dealing with this issue in the past.


Now there was just an incompatibility with the new naming convention in the textures, like the one lately happened with the Huey.


I am new to this bird (do prefer the Su-25A a lot more :]) and some of my squadron members are getting interested in DCS and this free module is what they got so far.


Long story short, no way I would play with that really awful baked reflection map and it's huge opacity...So I tried to make it work for me. Was difficult also for me, to "sell" them DCS World having such an issue in the only bird they can fly so far.


To be honest; ED is offering some great free content: The amazing Caucasus Map and a great Mission Editor, although the Su-25T is absolutely outdated... far from PBR shaders for cockpit or external model, it does not even have any sad oldschool specular reflection... When you fly it in any of the available maps (I own all of them until now) does look like a Quake 3 arena character model placed inside Escape from Tarkov ....






Hope other people find this useful :).


*Please ED, put some love in the Su-25T, is gonna help getting new customers :].



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*Please ED, put some love in the Su-25T, is gonna help getting new customers :].




I might be able to do it my shelf thanks to these guys :thumbup:.







Not enough time to do as many things as I would like, but a "quick" mod for Su-25T PBR is in the making. Not gonna be able to bake proper AO map as I could not get this model inside blender as I did with Mi-8, but some "quickies" would be enough to give this model some well deserved "glisten".

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Thank you for your efforts to improve the ED problem

I don't know where this file should be placed

My Saved Games\DCS\ doesn't have a Liveries folder with it

I created a Liveries folder and a cockpit_su-25t folder

And put the two files you provided in the folder

However, the transparent effect of HUD glass is not changed in the game

I must have done something wrong

Please help me.Thank you very much! :(

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Hi spoon95,


You did well creating the folder Liveries\Cockpit_Su-25T


You have to place folders HUD Glass Clear or/and Hud Glass Tweaked (full folders with their content) inside the folder:


Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\Cockpit_Su-25T\


After, inside the options of DCS (ingame) go to the tap SPECIAL and Select the Su-25T icon in the left side.


Finally, you have to choose the HUD Glass Clear etc... there, where it says Custom Cockpit.


You might try this one also if you want:




Hope this helps :].

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