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LOTATC and Datalink (4A / 4C / 16)


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With the advent of the F-14 and the SA datalink to the F-18, currently we see the beginning of an active datalink network in DCSW.


LOTATC uses all ingame radar sensors to build up an air picture and can/will show Radar stations based on their initial position in the game.

The operator in LOTATC can make own drawings and use the air picture to control the flights, provide ATC and WD services using UniversRadio or SRS.


Link 4A is capable of surface to air (the boat to the F-14), Air to Air (AI E-2D to F-14) and Air to surface (unknown if implemented?).

The AI E-2D, for example, will only datalink air targets from what I've seen.


My wish is that LOTATC can fullfill the role of a human E-2D and using the datalink properties of Link 4A and Link-16 (F18) to build up the air and possibly even the surface picture based on the sensors of the F14 and F18, using more Link functionality as is currently provided by the AI in DCSW.


Perhaps LOTATC could be used as a simulated gateway between Link 4A and Link 16 capable aircrafts.

Without an AWACS on station, manned by a LOTATC operator, this functionality will not be possible.


The goal of this datalink implementation is to allow the LOTATC operator to build up a picture beyond own sensor range, using the flights at his disposal as well as broadcast any targets picked up by a fighter to other flights / surface units in the datalink net.


What say you?

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+1 Awesome

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This shouldn't really be a lotatc 'request' as much as a DCS please give us API hooks to the Datalink, DArt and any one else will likely explain to you that it's the API Hooks we need not only for the ability to link with LINK 16, 4, 4A etc.. but also even the SADL network..


I'd kill for ED to give us a scripting set of hooks for it.

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