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TARAWA issue

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I have a problem with the tarawa,


I edit a mission where I place a TARAWA and 4 AV8B at cold start on the tarawa.

This mission is run on server.


When I connect to the server (so in multiplayer not solo!) Can not take a slots AV8B,


"Patrol Delayed"


Of course I have the Av8B module ... An idea ?


Thank you.

1st Fighter Wing Program : https://discord.gg/NUnabec

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But that is on ED side it seems, why should RAZBAM acknowledge that?


I'm not as well versed as you guys in all things forum, so I simply didn't know it is an ED side bug... I assumed it was a AV-8B specific bug, because I have never had any problem with F/A-18s on the Stennis...



Intel Core I7 4820K @4.3 GHz, Asus P9X79 motherboard, 16 GB RAM @ 933 MHz, NVidia GTX 1070 with 8 GB VRAM, Windows 10 Pro

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Had same thing happen on my server and went nuts trying to fix it. What i did was go and assign each unit a spot(if you do take off from ramp, then spawn the additional units in they all default to the prk 1 spot), so unit 1 prk 1, unit 2 prk 2, etc. and that fixed every unit but the first one. I was also able to swap roles multiple times then it would let me in the number 1 slot.

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