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Inter-group cooperation and event organisation


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In case that you:

  • are a member of DCS community for longer time,
  • you have been organizing events that lean from mid to higher realism in terms of planning and flying,

then you know how hard, at times, it can be to gather enough dedicated pilots to fly an event.


I've been working for some time, on initiative that has aim to consolidate small and fragmented DCS groups, which no doubt have a good chunk of their members being die hard DCS fans, however you struggle to gather adequate number of pilots for an event that would provide enough flights to organize more complex teamwork.


I call it "Intergroup Multiplayer Cooperation" or "MP CO-OP" for short and have organised discord server to facilitate this cooperation. In case I have your attention, you will find more details in attached brochure.


To join discord server click here: JOIN DISCORD SERVER


You probably ask yourself what are requirements to join?


1) As a Group you are willing to give back what you take, i.e. you are willing to organize events and make some missions in return.

- this is key point that will sustain cooperation going forward


2) As a pilot you are willing to actively participate in a planning meeting to ensure your slot on the mission roster

- this is filter that separates dedicated virtual pilots apart from casual


3) You speak English


4) Your Group / Clan is either EU, or Middle-East and near Middle-East based

- for ping reasons


So if you decided to join efforts with other Groups via this initiative please make sure that:

  • you identify your Group Leader for server permission purposes
  • join this initiative as if you own it (don't shy away from taking charge)


I'm currently running a Failed State campaign and will offer 10 initial missions for everyone that joins (and secures their slot in the mission). We're currently gearing up for 2nd sortie of the campaign.


There are already 4 groups in the initiative and about 20-30 active pilots partaking, but I consider it still a ramp up phase.


I hope I have you really interested now and be seeing you in the MP CO-OP server! :pilotfly:

Intergroup MP Cooperation - Discord Server.pdf

I come here to chew bubblegum and kick-ass... and I'm all out of bubblegum. :D

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Thanks Seraphim for the initiative!


I think it's a good one. Why? I get the feeling many DCS pilots are part of smaller groups/squadrons which, by default, lack resources (pilots and mission designers) to organise quality real-war-like theatre story-packed events (or whatever you want to call them, you get the point).


Organising events like that can make community closer, happier, and produce more capable pilots which can then participate in even bigger events or be inspired to create mission scenarios themselves.


So, I welcome this initiative with hands spread!

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Nice initiative.

I Am in a small core group, but we are in South América, so Ping might be an issue. Still as we are Spanish speaking we usually fly with Spaniards and ping is arround 250ms.


I speak English like a native, and our pilots have been learning, specially Brevety code, to be able to communicate and are familiar with NATO standards.


The other issue with EU is "time zones" and availability. But weekends might be good for combined activities maybe.


When I get home i´ll check out your Discord and will sound my squadmates to see if any interest is sparked.


In any case, best of luck with the initiative.

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Short status update for all fans of DCS multiplayer.



Above mentioned initiative has had very decent spin up (and I was organizing up to 2 events per month. This means that for every single mission there was planning meeting that enabled all participants to co-design campaign development in terms of campaign story, tactics, etc.



Attendance was steadily growing and before summer peaked between 20-25 pilots flying. Discord server as aprox. 100 members.


I'm looking to attract new mission makers, and as incentive and method to sustain perpetual activity in the group, I'm opening the group to everyone that is willing to support mission makers via patreon. So all interested, as well as all pilots looking for "no strings attached" relationship with mission makers, join discord below.






I know I would (and will) pay 1 € for mission slot in 1 event.



Considering time invested, it wouldn't be significant sum... but at least you buy a beer to the guy. Or he can buy flowers for his wife, so she let's him continue to entertain the DCS public. :D



In case ide to support creators via patreon gets decent spin up, I may take all new members for free ride for 2 missions and then let other take the batton while being supported via patreon.


I come here to chew bubblegum and kick-ass... and I'm all out of bubblegum. :D

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