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Dear Friends,


Starting from middle April 2019, AMVI (Aeronautica Militare Virtuale Italiana) would like to collaborate with pilots from External groups in order them to participate at our activity on DCS.

Missions will be carried out on differetnt theaters (Caucasus, NTTR, Persial Gulf) with all modules availables on DCS: A-10 Warthog, F/A-18C Hornet, F-5E Tiger, KA-50 Black Shark and many other, according to your preferences.


Your are invited to participate to our events, usually on Monday, meeting time is UTC 20:00 (Italy local Time 21:00).

All pilots will fly into an intense theater of operations and all communications will be performed in english, under the directives of human ATC , AWACS and JTAC and using international standard brevities and procedures.

For the first period the theater will be Persian Gulf (Strait of Hormuz) but we are opened to other suggestions.


** Be aware that AMVI use SRS Simple Radio Standalone for the communications**


Details of our Missions will be posted on this section of DCS Forum and on the “External Group Area” section of AMVI Forum.

There you'll find all necessary informations about our TeamSpeak, SRS and Server IP's and ATO of the planned Mission

Register there for free, in order to have access to the AMVI's activities with other groups of virtual pilots.


We remarks that the first goal of this campaign is training, collaboration and have fun.

Would you please post your availability on this thread and we'll keep you informed about the dates of the events.


Thanks a lot for your participation.

Best Regards


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