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Carrier Air Wing Five Recruitment Open

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Now accepting applications for the following squadrons:








VF-102 "DIAMONDBACKS" F-14 A/B Tomcat


VF-154 "BLACK KNIGHTS" F-14A/b Tomcat



About US


CVW-5 was founded a few years ago. We have played under many different names but our goals have always been to provide a place where like minded people can come together to fly and enjoy the moments DCS World has to offer. We have active and prior service members from the Navy, Marine Corp and Army who all come together to share their experiences and knowledge within the group. A part from that, we also have real world friends and family also involved in these services. We at CVW-5 want to have as much information as possible to provide to all our members, to give everyone the same opportunity to become the best Naval Aviator possible. CVW-5 strives to be the best, but being the best means you must fight the best. So if you feel like challenging yourself and working towards being as close to real life pilot as possible , Go to our website and fill out an application. See you our there. Good luck!





Basic Requirements:


Minimum Age of 18 years old

English Speaking

Great Communication Skill

Attend two (2) scheduled training sessions each week (maximum of one hour each session);

Be able to follow basic guidelines as this is a form of a Milsim group;

Have a sense of humor, be supportive and optimistic of everyone in the group;

Be a team player:

Most important have fun.



Preferred list:

TrackIR & Basic HOTAS

*Members unable to meet this preferred list will not be turned away because they cant afford certain equipment. But it helps to have it.*



Training Schedule:


As listed on our website, we have fleet training's every Tuesday night starting at 8 PM EST, Wing training every Thursday night at 9PM EST. Mission times will be Saturday's at 8PM EST


We have 2 dedicated server up 24/7 for training's and missions





Our training is along with our squadrons focused around NATOPS (Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization). We try to follow this training as close as virtually possible. Of course there will be some limitations being this is a virtual world and not real life but we will try our hardest to train each member as realistic possible


If interested please visit our website for more information about rosters and squadrons.

If you decided to join please fill out and application on our join page and wait for a response from one of our command staff.


Want to speak to a recruiter join our discord recruitment channel at: https://discord.gg/Th5csBD




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