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To my evil admin


You can sit there and go oh this cant be done or that cant be done, Reminder this is a business to which depends return /new members if you go well this the best we can do then you will start to loose out on potential new customer's. If you don't strive to do better you wont grow. If true I can only see that this is as far as DCS will ever go. Ok you might down the road fight dynamics to be exactly spot on but if people are spending there weekend`s chasing bug`s Weather it`s PC bound 3 party OR even your TV Internet or whatever ,you'll start losing costumers. For someone that is looking at your forums or trying to

decide on weather to spend $500 -$8,000 on a pre built PC or worse build your own & VR, and see limited performance & help well that`s not really the message anyone would want to put out there is it worth the time frustration loose of your money on something that was never that great

to begin with, OK for the pro to armchair pc builders / repairers well there only so many of them around that are willing will put up with it, I would want the main

stream of flight simmers to experience this and build the business on to . ill say it again Not everyone is a mad pc mod building professor like it is 2019 not 1980`s one year from 2020 come on guys.imho

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Okay then, tell us how it *will* be done?


Your suggestion seems to be aimed at people who potentially have a lot of money to spend on the 'DCS-PC', but aren't themselves PC enthusiasts.


Have you considered how many customers there might be for this? I suspect the majority of people using DCS are either confident enough to put a PC together themselves or happy to buy one off the shelf.


As for the DCS-PC itself, who creates the specification - ED? Who decides what is acceptable performance? What VR hardware are we talking about - original Rift or Pimax 5k? What happens when new hardware comes out?



Entertaining as it is, the whole idea is a complete non-starter.

I dont know i was thinging from mid range to low topend depend on how well thay can get the best out of the componets. Well Realistically I think could be is one or two ways 1: ED gets a team to source out everyone that has to be involved in making this game getting to you in your lounge room and working on your TV/VR/MONITOR to deal with any Tec issue say Microsoft all of 3 party content involved TV manufactures etc see what sort of deal can be made.

TWO :Find and put together a in house solution probably same thing only they well have to source every thing and go through an R&D then Test IT out in the real world then refine it more, then all is well you should your product. it not impossible with right minds behind it and we do have the TEC to do this sort of thing hell they stuck a monkey in space and that was is in the 60`s TEC ,Well there may be another way still working That why this forum chat is for people to put there ideas and see how or good an idea is or not. I hope this answer your question. its a work in progress.

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HI youre problem is one in thousands to which we are looking at and addressing,I HOP YOU DON MINE BUT I LL USE THIS AS EXAMPLE.


When my wife saw that I was showing some visible frustration because I just wanted to fly and not trouble shoot - I have very limited leisure time lately - I remarked that even if I called Geeksquad or some tech service I don't think they would even be able to help much unless they are a DCS fan.


Nvidia Inspector downloaded from the right link on Github...compatibility bits, power settings, drivers, ...Process Lasso, multiple background programs like TARGET, TrackIR, Geforce Experience, Discord, Teamspeak, Afterburner, etc...Registry edits for USB power settings...it never stops...And that's without even getting into BIOS and overclocking. Then, there's the calibration settings for my display that I would never have been able to learn myself except for rtings.com...if you want peak performance than you have to do a custom cooling loop...OSDs and fan tuning to keep up with temps...


A lot of my issues stem from keeping my panel on a cart and watching movies, etc. If it was dedicated to DCS I would not have to disconnect USB and HDMI ports which causes issues with TARGET and the native Samsung settings like Game Mode. Definitely not plug and play, you have to manually change a few settings and the panel tries to autodetect the graphics card but doesn't know what it is.


This is what WE/THAY do our department would have all at our disposal to tell you you have a problem and how to fix it.


Huh? No offense man but how old are you and how much real world business experience do you have?


You sound like that one guy who thought he was going to revolutionize the HOTAS controller industry with 3D printers and put Thrustmaster out of business. So you're telling me, you think you would be able to provide tech support to a non tech savvy person who doesn't understand troubleshooting methodology and who bought a computer from you and/or prevent all those issues I just illustrated? Right... There are professional companies that provide similar services for pilot training and commercial aviation, that's a little bit out of the price range of most DCS players.

SimRig: Winter '18/19

Asus Maximus XI Formula | Intel 9900K @ 5.4 GHz Single Core, 5.2 GHz All Core | Nvidia/EVGA 2080 Ti K|NGP|N @ 2200 MHz | EKWB Direct Die Custom Liquid Cooling Loop | Gskill 32 GB DDR4 @ 3600 MHz | Samsung 512 GB, 1 TB NVMe SSDs | Asus/Seasonic 1200w PSU

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Well yer there are thousands of them who provide Tec support to all kinds of business cause that's what they do to make business run smother & and other things I'm pretty Shure even sonny PlayStation even runs with one but what you have mentioned not in the same league bit overkill to say the least.

And I don't understand just look through the forums You find someone asking will this rig be enough or why this not work? ITS 2019 not 1980 Shurely we can do better. Sorry totaly stuff up on my post wow !!! This is what WE/THAY do our department would have all at our disposal to tell you you have a problem and how to fix it.

This what should have been posted This is what WE/THAY do our department would have all at our disposal to tell you that you have a problem or if you have a problem you could email or phone if the problem cant be rectified you can send it back "send pc back to or fix the problem. yet again work in progress.

good pick up sn8ke iis.

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not finnished
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