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Ubi Soft Forum Rules Update

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We prefer to concentrate on the new engine. It is our future, and so it is yours... Everybody in this 'business' takes his place. Thanks to Oleg for the great amount of new participants, anyway we need to move forward. I hope that our way for clickable+6DOF+HiFidelityFM planes will bring some ideas to Oleg of where to move...


actually Oleg is doing exactly that as well... don't know if you've heard but they are about to release BoB Storm Of War which will have advanced weather, new graphics engine, much improved 3D models (and complete internal structure), awsome cockpits with 6DoF... it's not a modern avionics sim since we're talking WWII aircraft here, but that game will set another benchmark in flight sim, same as IL-2 series did.

No longer active in DCS...

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Just my opinion, you folks can take it or leave it as I won't be upset either way:


Everyone should just chill out. These online flight sim brush wars are cyclical and they really don't help the community at all. Everyone gets into hissy fit mode and then types things they shouldn't.


If you don't like the product, don't buy it.


If it is a stand-alone or doesn't have all the features you want then don't buy it.


If you feel you've been slighted then use your most powerful response, don't buy it.


If you feel that you are so important and so critical to the community that you have to sling your ill will about one forum on another forum then perhaps you need to really chill out and realize that you might really be taking things and yourself way too seriously.


If you are a moderator and you have been banning people for spitting on the sidewalk then maybe you need to chill as well. It's a tough job being a mod and you have to eat a lot of crap, but you knew that going into the job in the first place.


If you really think that the guys at Eagle are just out to get your money then you really haven't been paying attention. There are easier ways to make a buck or a ruble.


I would recommend that the mods and Eagle let things cool down for a few weeks and then reconsider all the bans they have made. While I am sure most of them were totally justified, it doesn't hurt to give some folks a second or even third chance once they have had a time out.


Hey, just my opinions, I could be wrong. So, you don't have to "buy" anything I am saying either.


Have a nice day.

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Carl, that may be the best post I've ever seen you make.





Ditto :thumbup:

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