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Been about 2 years

Guest lazduc

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Guest lazduc

Been about 2 yrs, time I wrote sum. Just built another system. Wanted to

share it with you as the last system was built just to run lockon. It was a

amd 4400 dual, 1 gb ram, two 7800s in sli, 2 250 in raid o, sb aud, 650watt ps, 2 dvds, big case and a 19in sony lcd multidisplay. I read that with the new evga 8800s a person could run 2 monitors in sli. So the new rig is intel 6600, 2gb of sli ram, 2 500gb in raid0=1tb, 850 ps, sbx,2dvds, and 2 8800gtxs in sli....some of the time. I got a 28in viewsonic with 2 19in viewsonics thinking I could run all 3 at the same time...wrong...

course I know lockon wont run in sli (have not tried to run it on the 2 19 in monitors ). Wasted lots of cash on this system to not have it do what

nvidia said it could. There is a device called a triplehead2go that as I have been told still will not run lots of games. It is suppose to run 3 monitors. Another 300 for this thing..so will this new helicopter game be able to run over three monitors? Two big disappointments..no sli.

I give up...I am going to the game consoles. Know what you are going to see and get with those. No config problems etc. I know this new game will be ported to the game consoles. If you have any ideas to help

I would appreciate it. By the way my new rig is also watercooled.

Those video card run hotter than the sun on just air. I wanted to keep them runnin for a while. Water cooling is not too hard to setup..just

rather expensive. I used dangerden mostly and a eheim pump.

Like I said any suggestions..



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wish I could help you but I don't know how and if LockOn can run on 2 monitors... there was some talk about it here in forums (you might wanna try the search function) but I can't remember properly...

No longer active in DCS...

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Matrox also has a DualHead2Go:



I know TripleHead2Go works with Lockon:



If you have 3 monitors, also check out software triplehead:







F5-E / A4-E / A-10A / AJS-37 / SA-342 / UH-1H / Ka-50 / Mi-8 / CA


would buy:

OH-58 /AH-64A / AH-1 / Sepecat Jaguar / F-111

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lockon can ideed run on two monitors no worries at all.

its all about setting the res, aspect ratios and zoom levels, 3 screens requires software or hardware as described above, this has been discussed extensively in previous posts that you may search.

lockon on multimonitors is awesome, but its hungry on the hardware, don't expect the same game performance as with a single screen.


as for BS, i am unsure if it will have support other than what we have now.


the best way is to give the softTH a try, if i didnt already have a th2go i would be using it for sure.

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