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Connecting to Multiplayer Servers


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Following problem: Since last week I can not join an online server. Either DCS freezes or it crashes after about 5 minutes loading time. I already tried it without mods. I play on the Steam version and have already checked the game for faulty files. I only have 8 gigs of RAM but this wasn't a problem until last week. Are there any reasons for that?

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Also make sure to have a system managed page file.


I have 16 gigs of ram and ran into a problem (Crash) with the preload radius up full, when playing on a large server with a set page file


Also hope you are trying this on an SSD drive and or have the page file set to it. It may help.


Try lowering down the reload in the options too.



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I can start in SP but when i connect to MP after a few minutes of the loading screen DCS crashes and i get the DXdiag dialog appearing.


so the dcs crash dump is there.


This is since the last two updates , was working fine on 8gb.


Guess time for 8Gb more.




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