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Widescreen monitors and LO/FC/BS

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I just consider a purcahase of a new monitor and I thought of 24" Dell. You see I use the same model at work. It's a Dell Ultrasharp 2405 FPW.


I know that Flaming cliffs don't support it's native resolution of 1920X1200 so I wonder how would it look like on monitors like that!


I'm open to all suggestions!


Thanks guys!


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Some examples of how it looks http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?t=13204&page=2


I definitley recommend it - if only because you get a better sense of speed when flying through valleys as you have more side vision (not much but still more) so you can see things whizz past :D




Widescreens are cheaper now so they are worth getting, most games have support for them now as well and if not then check here for help http://www.widescreengamingforum.com/ it's the place to go for patches and cracks (for widescreen not to start illegally accessed games) to get widescreen for games from bad developers :P

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