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Visiters for Airshows


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I had work last year on Visiters for Airshows. It was my first Projekt. Now i had found a way to inbound over hundreds of people into LockOn. I think it is the pefect location for Squads like BlueAngels or Thunders or single displays. Well the frameRate is okay.


I had made a video. I created an Airshow on Sochi Adler with over 2000 people. There you can see it.




My best wishes


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Born to fly but forced to work.



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Just saw your airshow video. This is VERY cool. This was always something

I wanted for making a video too. When is this ready for download?


I would love to use this!

Let us know! Maybe we can use this already for testing.

How did you do this anyway? Is each person a single object?


Please make download available soon.






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