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GA productions presents: *EDGE* - New Black Shark movie

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Hello folks.


Well, it's this time again, i release yet another movie.

It's the follow up to "Project 50", sort of, so you know what to expect here (to a certain degree ;) )


Anyway, turn up your volume, sit back, and enjoy!




Link 2: http://www.leductech.com/Edge.wmv


Youtube link:



Thanks again to www.virtual-jabog32.de for hosting!

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phew... max connections there for a while, but it's coming now...


Thanks GA


Edit: Man o man, GA that is the best video that I've seen, your camera work, the music, the, the, the.....


Excellent stuff mate

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Awesome. I didn't think it was possible, but this is even better than your previous movies.


That was at least one of my goals, to make it better than my previous ones. :)


Thanks for the comments guys :)

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I just downloaded it and played it to my colleagues at work. They all were like- WTF?!?! Great job!

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GA - You were right - the theme from requiem for a dream, also re-orchestrated for Lord Of the Rings, knew id heard it somewhere :P I think you've picked up the LOTR version here though... - Clint Mansell i think


Great work - it finally finished downloading haha n it looookss 100% edible :P

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And the Oscar goes to.......*drumroll*



*the crowd goes wild*


Absolutely mindblowingly good!



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Really nice movie GA :thumbup:


It's like watching an hollywood movie with all that music in the background.


Cool to see some new features in the game, like; Full modeled pilot with hand and feet and ground units!


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Great Job GA :thumbup:


Still waiting for Black Shark :lol:


...at least 4 the DEMO version :smartass:

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Does that mean Black Shark will have infantry fighting on the ground? Not just MANPADs? Or did you get that footage from somewhere else?
So are the infantry figures edited in (if so you've done a good job) or are there ANIMATED INFANTRY IN LOBS ???
/whispers to the beta team:


Let's let that one sizzle for a while before we answer...



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- EB


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