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Tactics in SPA mode and related features

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Hello Heatblur and fellow pilots :).


First of hall i would like to congrats you for your beautiful module.



I'm the leader of a little team of Viggen's Pilots. We really love to fly your aicraft and we would like to progress with the utilisation in term of tactics and doctrine. We have a beautifull tool but sometime we don't know how to use it in the best way.



It's particulary the case in maritime reconannaissance. We have try to use the SPA mode in multiplayer and it seem's to have still somes little bug (like the red light of the FÄLLD LAST or the spa/sku who seems don't work), and in solo I managed to make it work once but right now I can't do it anymore.




While we wait for the final version of the module we would like to know more about the tactic use by the real Viggen's pilots in maritime reconnaissance with the AJS.




We don't have a recon pod so how did they identify there targets ? Only by visual means i guess but what happend when they needed to respect a stand of distance ? How were they flying over the area of work ? Low (but you don't see very far) or High (but you can't identify targets) ? Fast or slow ?



So if you have any informations about this subject, or if anyone have, i would like very happy to talk about it.




I have also another question for Heatblur :


In the past there was some informations appeared on the kneeboard after a spa/mal fix or the SPA patrol square area. These features was very useful but it seems to be not here anymore. Is it possible to get them back ?



Thanks a lot :).




"Fighter Pilots make movies, Bomber Pilots make History"



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I don’t unfortunately have a lot of info on this, maybe JediTeo has. I guess the photo-reconnaissance variant (SF37) might be the one who made the actual identification flights. Don’t know the specs for the camera so don’t know if they had to overfly the target. There is a lot of pictures of Viggens overflying ships so it might be so.



There will always be bugs. If everything is a priority nothing is.

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