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Latest updates are ruining the A-10c's Instant Action missions

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Hello all,


Lately I've noticed that at each update ED fixes some modules but spoils others that worked well for years, A-10C Instant actions missions are horrible to fly now.


For example, Instant Action Mission West Georgia - Winter, there is no wingman anymore, the JTAC sometimes appears on the menu sometimes not. Other times respond twice and then no longer respond ... I edited that mission adding the wingman, but now he misses the targets (with Mavericks), keeps repeating "running in" but does not attack, sometimes in the middle of the mission it just disappears ...


It is so sad because I loved those Instant Action missions, I usually use them from time to time to recall modules that I have not been flying for some time, especially the A-10C that I consider the best in terms of realism.


I believe it is a bug, because the mission was perfect for years so no reason to change. I also did not read any mention of changing in the changelog and updates regarding Instant Action Missions on A-10C.




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I'm not having your specific problem, but I did want to ditto:


Instant Action is where real life middle income armchair pilots go for a before or after dinner quick shoot-em-up and landing, and they are getting glitchier and glitchier with each release.


So yes ED, please do a little more testing on the instant actions and older items before updating stable.


MY latest round of A-10 Instant Action woes are: JTC giving wrong map coordinates; I don't even know how that is possible without relabeling the entire map grid.

My most major complaints are with the Maverick missile. That used to be a reliable weapon, but now it absolutely prefers to track on any telephone pole or civilian vehicle in preference to the large infra red glowing TANK. And even when locked and tracking the correct target its miss ratio for me is now over 50% from under three miles. If this is realism I pity the pilot who has actually trust a Maverick to work.


And since the civilian traffic can move right through targets it is impossible to do CAS at all with it enabled, but that is old news.

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I think many of the problems you are witnessing are not really specific to the Instant Action missions. JTACs have been in a state of flux somewhere between working and broken for a long time. Just recently the Mavericks started to act like Harpoons and hug the ground instead of lofting, and wingman AI... don't get me started on that. :(


There's a long list of items that I hope will receive more attention soon, not just because of the Instant Action missions.

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I can't find the column in georgia medium mission.

JTAC says GH432010, and when I enter that to the CDU, GH 43200 01000 points really far far away.


Am i doing something wrong or the coordinates are bad ?

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Make sure you got the 37T / 38T stuff right. When my coords are like hundrets of miles off it always has been this. :clown_2:

Thanks so much, I have made a search of that 37T/38T, and it seems to be that, because people also say it's 800 miles away, I'm gonna try :)


Edit: It was that, by default was 38T and iI had to put 37T. How can I know in advance what to set ?


Edit: Ok, I found it:


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Yup, that's it.


The problem usually appears when you take off from one grid zone and then your targets are located in another one.


This is very common near the Georgian coast, when you take off in Batumi or Kobuleti (37T) and head east towards the Kutaisi area (38T), or of course the other way around.


IRL you could ask the JTAC to specify the grid zone designator, but in DCS unfortunately you just have to know or guess.

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So, using the stable version would avoid these problems?


Maybe some of them. There were a bunch of issues with the initial 2.5.6 OpenBeta, and because of that the stable version has not been updated since Christmas. Unfortunately that also means that known issues with the stable version haven't been fixed in over 4 months.


Generally, though, the stable version is more stable than the OpenBeta, and I would recommend playing the stable unless there is a very specific reason to test new features in the OB.


Everyone using the OB is very highly encouraged to report all findings here on the forum in order to give ED and the 3rd parties a clearer picture of the issues in that branch of DCS.


Of course the grid zone designator has never been provided by the JTAC, so there's no fix coming that I am aware of. ;)

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So, using the stable version would avoid these problems?


AFAIK the JTAC and other MGRS coordinate transmissions have always been botched like that, when they are not scripted differently.


Which is typical of RL situations as well.


I've found myself raging at juniors (IRL) for not giving complete coordinates (including the zone designator) but just the square and three digit (like, LN 123 432 instead of, say, 44T LN 123 432) which makes for a lot of headaches and time lost trying to guess which designator that falls under, when you are trying to manage a force dispersed over two or three zones.


But that's how they get trained so yelling at them just gets you that far...


Sorry for the "flex" and digression but I felt a little background to justify what comes after was needed.


So, yeah that would be realistic to a degree, in the sense that in a situation like a conflict in Georgia/black sea the SOP would be to ALWAYS include the zone designator and, even if the JTAC was dumb enough not to, the pilot would ask for the complete grid (and get it), which we can't do.


Still, I don't get how this would be due to OB vs Stable?

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