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airplane group climbing suddenly

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I am on the last stable release. Building a mission with AI aircraft, I am facing to a pb I do not manage to find a solution.



I set an airplane group (2 Spitfire for this example) with task combat air patrol, with altitude 1500m / speed 450km/h with 3 WP (distanced of more than 10 km between them) type turning points. Well nothing special ...




Playing the mission, I notice that this airplane group after 3 to 5 km begins to climb very steep and loses their navigation WP :(


I made tests with another aircraft (P51D), another task (CAS), another sector on the map, new airplane group. The behavior is identical :cry:



In the same mission, some other airplane groups follow WP as wanted.


Does anyone have seen the same phenomenon ? If yes, any solution ?


Thank you very much in advance.






Bf 109 K-4 / Fw 190 A-8 / Spitfire LF Mk. IX / P51-D / Normandy 1944 map + ww2 assets pack

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