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Adverse Yaw / Directional Stability


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While this is not a bug or a problem here is hopefully some useful feedback to improve the flight model.


The aircraft seems to have a little too much directional stability.


Behavior during the takeoff and landing phases seems fairly realistic, however not a lot of rudder input / correction is required during power/speed changes. High power, slow airspeed (during a climb) should require a boatload of right rudder. When reducing the power the nose should yaw left.


Similarly, any input of aileron (especially when you have 4 of them!), should require a fair amount of rudder to counteract any adverse yaw.



Hope this feedback is useful. It's really great to see an aerobatic biplane in DCS.

It's a lot of fun and a great module, and I reckon you've nailed a lot of the other flying characteristics.

I hope you guys get as much interest as it deserves, and really looking forward to the Corsair!



Happy to help with any dev testing.


((Real world pilot, currently doing a lot of flying in an EAA AcroSport II))



***Pretty sure I had the rudder assist function turned off during my testing :pilotfly:

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