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Yeah, was a good show on Saturday....Su-30 was..."ok", he didnt do much but a couple of fly-bys and then disappeared. Thunderbirds were pretty good but..I dunno if they were restricted by UK display rules or the weather...not as impressed as I was expecting given all the hype. Red Arrows were excellent (and yes, I AM partisan), as were the Frecce Tricolor (just love their narrators style and enthusiasm).


The stars of the show for me were:


F-16 from the Netherlands

Chinook (stunning display of agility and a/c control, just amazing)

Typhoons (spanish and uk, noise was phenomenal)

RAF "mission" finale

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (3 Spits and 1 Hurricane)

Red Arrows (inc. their initial flight past in a vic with the BBMF in the middle

Frecce Tricolore


'Twas a good day, got wet through and sun-burnt in the same goddamn day, but was excellent fun (as we met up with Smudge and Wolfie from the 504 as well).


Heartily recommend RIAT to anyone who is considering it.


487th Helicopter Attack Regiment, of the

VVS504 Red Hammers

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thats why i ride a motorbike, swindon to outside the gate 30 minutes;)




Yes ... we were passed by many :(


Very frustrating, sitting in the car, 2miles from the base hearing the F-15 do its thing ... they really should move it somewhere with decent road access, its too big for the road network at Fairford.


The Red Arrows were good ... but there is something about a fast jet using an afterburner that the Hawk just can't match!


The F-16 was superb ... flares are just great and this year he poped more than last year! The Swiss F-18 was also good ... plenty of condensation forming when turning hard (Please one for LO!!)


Well worth visiting ... perhaps I'll camp there next year!






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I liked it, it was good apart from sky colour. But I wanted to feel when the tbirds were on like an american experience however i didnt....it was like an english display and the commentator didnt even sound american:(

Moderator doesnt like it :(

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yeah i really enjoyed the show it's teh first RIAT in 5 years for me and it was good to see the thunderbirds and tricolor flying in the UK star of the show for be was the dutch F16 and the RAF tac demo... always leaves me welling up with pride (being RAF)


diddo brew was great to meet up again and see all my 'online freinds'

Eagles may soar but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.






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I've posted a few pictures to this thread...


Where there are some superb pictures being posted, and that's before most of the hardcore guys get back after departure day.


My shots aren't too exciting, but it was an enjoyable weekend all the same. Well, apart from having my sunglasses stolen off my chair on Saturday, getting wet on Sunday, and leaving early to make sure I didn't get stuck for a train home, only to find major signalling problems, hugely packed trains even before the airshow rejects tried to get on, then a journey taking nearly three hours instead of one. Then there were problems on the Circle line in London just to finish the day off nicely.


All in all, just a typical day out on British public transport. :-)




Andrew McP

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