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"Glowing" clouds at night?

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Is it just me or is everyone seeing white clouds at night? The overcast looks dark and gloomy, as expected, from below but as I enter the soup everything goes white (well, yellowish) and on top it looks like the cloudcover is glowing like there was an enormous city below, everywhere.


Is there a graphics setting I'm missing or is it a bug?

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Is there a workaround?


Will it be fixed?


Workaround is to use DCS 1.5. As DS was not used prior to 2.xx versions. As for when it will be fixed. I wouldn't hold your breath. I am gonna guess never sadly. Not with this iteration of their engine from the looks of it. ED does not have a handle on DS, especially for anything related to night time environment or lights other than the sun and maybe moon. Ever other type of light or objects reacting to light is straight up broken. They do not even acknowledge the issues as there apparently is nothing they can do. Just take a look at all the threads about the various environmental and plane/object lighting issues, there are dozens of them. None have been addressed or for most not even reported/tagged as bugs with a statement that they are actively being addressed.


Yes it is sad and sucks on so many levels.

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Deferred shading makes it easier to handle multiple light sources since only one geometry pass is required. I have programmed in GLSL and OpenGL. Deferred shading does not make clouds glow.


The moon will indeed illuminate clouds. And they are in fact white or yellowish depending.


I am sure they will tune up the environment as time goes on. I have been hearing some complaints on how ED is slow to fix things. Well, from my limited two month or so experience in DCS, I think they are updating stuff at an amazing pace.

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