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Set up guides for the TM T16000m FCS

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Hi guys,



I just recently got the full TM T16000m FCS and am currently trying to set up for:




Mig-29 (does there need to be 3 seperate ones?)

A-10C (for Later)

F-14 (for later)



I have never flown in this game b4 because I didn't have a good stick (But, I have and do fly in other sims.). I do know how to set up the stick just looking to NOT make the more common errors. And to get a better understanding for fine tuning the axis controls.



Thanks for all your help guys.

USA Inf. - Doing the impossible since 1987.

I fly the F-15C, Mig-29 And when I grow up I wanna try the F-14!

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