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EP-13 Sight scene function wrong

SGT Coyle

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Have found that the sight functioning has 2 of 3 functions reversed, and 1 of 3 appears to have no function at all.


Acording to page 319 of the manual:

Locking and slewing the missiles seeker is done with radar control stick. The radar mode selector (A0, A1, and A2) will select different contrast modes. The movement of the radar stick itself is used to slew the missile once unlocked and slewable (fix trigger = T1).



A0: Black on white.

A1: White on black.

A2: Automatic selection.

As it coded now:

A0: White on Black

A1: White on Black

A2: Black on White

1st of all the order operation is reversed. WoB>BoW instead of BoW>WoB. The automatic mode seemingly has no function.

Flying the Viper Viggen


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I will surprise you, the EP-13 modes behave correctly, even though there is lots of bugs around the aircraft weapons and it's documentation. Read below.


I became the deadliest pilot in DCS in SU25-T by not following the documentation due to bugs and outright wrong information. I simply retested every weapon behavior myself.


I purchased the Viggen and hoped it would be completely different this time. Guess what. Viggen weapons behavior has many bugs, but the official documentation (RC1) and guides have even more bugs. I don't want to post the bugs here, as the list would be big, but I will concentrate on your problem above. Side note: I never flew the real Viggen, and I don't know anything about it.


Correct Info:


People that built the aircraft put Radar and EP-13 controls on the Radar Stick. The Radar Stick itself has 3 modes: A0,A1,A2. Those modes were installed for both Radar and EP-13. The documentation and Mission Editor refers to them as "Radar" modes only, which does not relate full info to people and creates confusion. They should be called Radar Stick modes.


For Radar:

A0 - Radar Off

A1 - Radar On

A2 - Radar On / Alternate View


For EP-13

A0 - Default View (Automatic Mode)

A1 - Black on White

A2 - White on Black (Alternate View)


The above settings are modeled correctly in the Viggen. What is wrong is the official documentation. Brightness and Contrast knobs are not modeled in the aircraft but are listed in the documentation.


When you enable RB75 with Master Mode in ANF the EP-13 goes on. The Radar Stick is in A0 Mode by default. This is called Automatic Mode in the documentation. I have a feeling the Automatic Mode was developed for attacking at Night. If you were flying at night and turned on the EP-13, it would by default use the Automatic Mode and adjust your EP-13 for the current condition without having you look for Modes. This makes perfect sense to me. I can't test flying at night because when I change the clock in my Mission Editor to Night Time, I don't have the aircraft. I need to figure out that bug to be able to confirm if the Automatic Mode works.


To sum up my post: Ignore the documentation and test for yourself.


Hope it helps, and YES, you are correct the docs are wrong.

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This is what I see with A1 and A2. Seems OK to me.

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