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Any VR glitches - turn off Motion Smoothing first

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When I upgraded from GTX 1060 to RTX 2070 I started having severe graphic glitches in DCS when flying my A-10 using my HTC Vive. At the cockpit edges, it'd be like the image flickering in and out - like water being poured over it. I had the same issue in IL2-BOS when viewing another plane through my spinning propeller. I thought there must've been an issue with the new graphics card or even the GeForce drivers.

Forum member spc8 suggested turning off Motion Smoothing in Steam VR/Settings/Video. Once I did that, the issue was solved for both sims.


Again - thanks very much indeed, spc8!

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How is it performing with motion smoothing turned off? Since the SteamVR 1.1.3 and now SteaVR 1.1.4 versions I am seeing a lot of stuttering in DCS which was never there before for my setup. Its un-flyable now for me.

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It works great now, zafgev. I had a nice fly around this morning. Previously the graphic glitches put me off in a big way.

I never had stuttering though; my frame rates and animations were always ok.

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Needed to explain my particular issue further
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Well, Motion Smoothing (and ASW on Rift) divide opinion here. Personally, I prefer it on. For me, the only down side is when you are flying prop planes, e.g. Spitfire, and the poor effect it has on the gun sight and prop image.

When flying jets, there is no down side, and there are several up sides. Do a simple test, move your head left and right to see the blurred instrument dials with Motion Smoothing off. (I mean move left/right, not turn head left/right.) turn it back on, do the same thing and see the difference.

Also, there is a smoothness when switched on in difficult, frame-lowering situations.

In my opinion, both these facts make me prefer it on, but each to his own.

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Very smooth with motion smoothing off so long as you have realistic graphics settings, and don't try to fly missions that are too demanding. Wouldn't say motion smoothing has been a bust though as it works great for me with jets.



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Any new solution for this problem i have same problem, get my vive yesterday and have lot of taking off and landing glitches but also when i fly low. I turn off motion smoothing but no any improvement. Any help for me?

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