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Key binding issue


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Hi all,

I am having an issue trying to save a key binding profile. i want one for monitor use and another for Oculus use, for each A/C.


1 Completely clear key and joystick bindings to start afresh (clear categorys for all but mouse, i have an X-52 with the guts of a rumble-pad II stuck to the throttle and a formula force ex wheel and pedals )

2 Set new key/controller bindings to relevant options

3 Hit "save as"

4 Enter new profile name (viggen dave)

5 Select save


so when i go to load profile, select viggen dave and hit OK, the original keybinding loads.



tried deleting the profiles manually and repeating above process with the same results.

Any ideas ?

Win10 64, GeForce GTX1080 Ti, Rift touch, i5- 2.90GHz(o/c), 16gb Corsair Vengance RAM, X-56

KA-50, A10c, AV-8B, MI-8, Spitfire, Viggen, S/Carrier, F-14, F-15c, CA, Nevada, Normandy, Persian gulf, Marianas, FC3, F-14, F-15c,

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Not certain with your posting, but remember that each controller is saved/loaded separately.


I have wished forever that it would save each profile as a whole, but you have to save each controller one at a time...


Could it be that you (for example) saved the joystick profile, and it loaded the rest of the controllers to their defaults?

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