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CH Products Calibration/MAP Procedure


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I am new here and I see that many here are using the CH Products Devices.


I have the Fighter Stick, Pro Throttle and Pedals.


I think I understand the Calibration process within CH Control Manager, but I do not understand how/where to get my saved Maps Files created within CH Manager into DCS. I am going to be using the F/A-18 Module.


I see the CH Devices show up with their proper names within "Options"in DCS, but I do not know how to take my MAP File and import it into DCS.


Can I get an assist with some direction on how to do this?


Thanks Much! for your help!!


Herb L


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Firstly , I should state that I made all of my bindings in the DCS control pages , and so I do not use Control Manager .

However , when i was using (ahem) a Saitek hotas , i made all the bindings in their software , as you are in control manager , and there was no need to import anything into DCS . merely clear any bindings that DCS may have auto-assigned , and you're good to go . The software assigns keyboard presses to your Hotas buttons , so is transparent to DCS .

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Look for:


CH Control Manager - For Dummies VOL III by Ken King




yields this :





Save the .zip to your monitor's desktop to take a look at it. I use WinRar to open it.




CH Control Manager v4.51






As an addendum, look for this :




Google Search : SimHQ Feature DCS:A-10C Warthog CH Products Controller Assignments




yields this :



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