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New CombatFlite Update supports Viggen Cartridge Import

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I need some help understanding this feature with the autogenerated cartridges.


I have files 'Autogenerated 1-5' and 'Autogenerated ELINT -search 1-9' in the folder ...\user\Saved Games\DCS_AJ37. But in the game when I scroll the autogenerated cartridges I have 'Autogenerated 7-11' and 'ELINT 11-20'. And they don't seem to match with the Cartridges in the Saved Games folder (different target locations and so on). What am I missing - am I looking in the wrong folder or... ?

A-10C Warthog | AJS-37 Viggen | F-5E Tiger II | Mig-15bis | MiG-19P Farmer

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