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[ALREADY REPORTED] Bug list (non-exhaustive) for OB


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Bugs and remarks I've noticed for the Hornet, besides the ones about:



  1. rearming LMAVs don't working
  2. AA radar elevation control


that others have mentioned.


All testing was done without any mods installed, after a repair (to make sure), on version of the Open Beta.


All tests were done from an airborne start, on the Caucasus map (winter). Loadouts ranged from pure A2A (2*AIM-9X + 10*AIM-120C) to A2G (4*LMAV + 2*Mk*82 + 2*AIM-9X + 2*AIM-120C), with variations. This didn't affect the results.


My PC specs are in the signature.



  1. The AIM-9X seeker circle stays in the middle of the AA HUD, even after changing to another weapon, unless it's pointed out of the HUD before changing AA weapons. If it's at the HUD center at the moment of changing weapons, it stays there. If you don't have any more AIM-9Xs, you're stuck with it.
  2. If you change weapons while previously using the AIM-9X with the JHMCS, the aiming circle (not the cross) on the JHMCS will stay on the last location of the AIM-9X seeker and will flash when out of view, like the circle flashes on the HUD when the seeker is pointing out. If you run out of AIM-9Xs, the aiming circle will stay at the last seeker location. Also, if you start with using another weapon, the large circle will just be boresighted.
  3. Selecting an AA weapon while on the AG MAV page will switch to the IMAV display.
  4. We have an IMAV video feed without any IMAVs on board.
  5. The JHMCS in AG mode with the Gun selected will permanently display ATC and actually using the ATC button will display TOF 0, which behaves like the ATC HUD cue should (eg blinking and disappearing when ATC is disengaged), they're mixed up. Without the Gun selected, ATC is not displayed but TOF 0 behaves the same.
  6. The MAV LKD cue stays on after the last LMAV is fired and doesn't go away on the AG HUD. The MAV crossed cue also stays on the HUD if another AG weapon is selected, as well as the DUD cue if a bomb is selected and deselected. This ends up with the right side of the HUD having several things on top of each other.
  7. On the FPAS page, HOME doesn't have its up and down arrows initially and multiple presses of the corresponding DDI buttons are needed in order to display them. Cannot always reproduce.
  8. Sometimes, when WYPT is boxed, the HSI will display numbers (I think specific to the waypoint) on top of the waypoint name. Occurred a few times, but I cannot reliably reproduce it every time.
  9. When aiming a caged AIM-9X seeker around with the JHMCS, even if you're looking at a target, there is no tone change. Only when the Cage/Uncage button is pressed, it goes from searching tone (beeps) to full lock only (loud high pitch sound). A caged seeker that looks around should still change from beeps to a low growl, when looking at a target.
    (Maybe it's accurate behavior, but I think it was worth mentioning)
  10. (Probably a WIP thing) When the JHMCS is on, the pilot can't choose to slave the AIM-9X seeker to the radar.
  11. (Probably a WIP thing) When the JHMCS is on, the default behavior of the AIM-9X is to boresight its seeker when the pilot looks though the HUD FOV. The pilot can't choose to aim the AIM-9X seeker through the HUD FOV.




Hope this helps. I'll try to add screenshots/track files later.

Edited by Harker

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