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Name of historical US Plans to attack Iran?


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I remember reading a wikipedia article a long time ago about a planned operation for US navy to attack Iran. From what I remember it was a specific US general who was strongly in favor of it, but the President refused it and it never amounted to anything. I don't remember the exact time but I'm fairly certain it was during the cold war era.


Does anyone know what this operation was called? I remember thinking it would make a good scenario for DCS when the Persian gulf map came out, but now I can't find it at all.

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Operation Earnest Will, protection to the convoys on the "Tankers Wars"



Operation Prime Chance. SOF operations vs Iran



Operation Nimble Archer. Attack vs Two IRGC-operated oil platforms on the "Tankers Wars"



Operation Praying Mantis. Attack of Us Navy vs Iranian Mining operations on Persian gulf.


More news to the front

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I interesting reading, thanks for the links. They provide a good basis for some missions.

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I appreciate the links, genuinely but I'm almost certain it wasn't those. From how I remember it, it was plans to start a carrier based air war against Iran similar to what was waged against Vietnam. Championed by a overzealous admiral or General (I forget).

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