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DCS Ace on Multiplayer(PvP kills only)


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When, where, and what aircraft earned you, in the multiplayer section by PvP kills, the title of ace?:pilotfly:

DCS status:




Case:NZXT S340 Mid Tower;Motherboard:MSi 970 Gaming DDR3 ATX;CPU:AMD FX-8350 8-Core Unlocked with Hyper 212 Evo heatsink;Memory:Crucial Ballistix 16GB DDR3;Hard Drive:Samsung 640GB;SSD: Crucial 256GB;Sound:Asus Xonar DGX; Power: EVGA 600W B1 80+;OS:Windows 10 64-bit; GPU: MSI Radeon RX 570 8GB 256-bit



Modules: Flaming Cliffs 3, P-51D, Combined Arms, Black Shark 2, A-10C 2, WW2 Assets, F/A-18C, F-16C Viper


Maps: Persian Gulf, Syria

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About 2 years ago, in my Su-27, BluFlag server, scoring 15 aerial kills vs players only, in less than 2 hours!The enemy was pushing hard from Gudauta, Sukhumi, Senaki and Kutaisi towards Sochi. I took off from Maykop, flew fast and high to intercept the first Eagles and Warthogs to get there. After that I was landing at Sochi to rearm and barely refuel to take to the air again and again and stop the next wave. Killed mostly Eagles, but strikers and some helicopters too.

I'm not the best Flanker pilot out there, but surely a good one. Most players I was flying against that evening, were unknown to me. Maybe random newbies, after all.


Cold War 1947 - 1991

Helicopters Tournaments

Combined Arms Tournaments

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Speaking of Blue Flag I would say Hansdampf (if I type it correctly the name) had impressive score in BF. He scored 25 or more (cant remember exactly) aerial victory in Su-27 in 3-4 hours with only suffered one lost, no DL at that time. I haven't seen him playing in BF again lately.


Edit : added link praise from another good player (Painter) for his playing skill at that time



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In a single session definitely got one the week that the F-18 was released. Probably flying the Mirage. :D It was like shooting fish in a barrel.

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